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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Butt space and storage

Yep, this project was about butt space and storage. We needed a little more seating in the livingroom given we only had 2 recliners and a loveseat before this project began. When my dog, Jada, is on the loveseat most of the time there isn't anywhere for company to seat when they come over. The storage need comes from the same place it always comes from: Jim's ever-expanding, excessive collection of media. He's in training to learn the concept of one item in means one item out. I'm ever-hopeful he'll get the concept one day, just because I'm an eternal optimist! But when I keep it real, I'm pretty sure I'll have to keep creating multipurpose pieces like this one.
I started with a solid wood, structurally sound, ugly, low-boy dresser with 6 drawers. I cleaned the whole thing with a mild bleach solution and let it dry thoroughly. I used a Shellac based primer on the dresser simply because the finish was a bit glossy and it allowed me skirt an excessive sanding session (I hate to sand!). Then I painted it with Home Depot's Linen White semi-gloss so that it will match the trim in the room. Jim helped by cutting the foam for me. The foam was cut from a 4" mattress I bought, for $5, long ago - knowing it would come in handy one day! The cut was made with an electric carving knife, as I have seen that technique on home decor shows. It took forever, which is why Jim did it (I don't have the patience!) and it worked very well! Here is the project so far. The fabric on top is among my choices for a cover, however, I might turn the stripes the other way by sewing sections together. I haven't decided if I'll use this or not as it's my curtain fabric and I don't want to overwhelm the room with too much of the same print. I plan to simply fold the fabric under the cushion and pin, or use a few stitches, on the bottom to hold the fabric in place. That way I can take it off for cleaning or switch it out for another fabric if I change the room's decor - knowing me I will change it within 6 months to a year. I might also create a back for it, or repurpose a headboard (or something) for a back rest. Who knows!
I'm off to create... something!

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