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Friday, January 13, 2012

Using up scrap wood and other stuff - A Dog's Dream Bed

Today's project is a dog bed for Jada, my Dalmi.

Exterior fabric I bought long ago expecting to use it all on patio chairs. I had some left over so it was perfect for this project. The foam I used was a 2" foam mattress I cut down. Then I wrapped batting around the wood edges for extra cushion.

I bought these legs for $2 (along with about 12 more legs) at auction a few years ago. They are expandable/contractable for differing heights. As Jada gets older (she's around 6 yrs. old now but has a bad hip already) and her mobility decreases, I can lower the bed for her. It's at 17" now and is 48" from the corner to each end.

Scrap wood for supports

Leftovers from the roofing contractors - I'm not ashamed to say I pulled it out of the dumpster after they left for the day. Hey, it's good wood and wood is expensive. I knew I'd use it one day, I just didn't know what I'd use it for... until now.

The blog text should come first to lead you into an exciting project but this program won't allow me to move the photos around tonight, so I'm doing things in reverse.

I know it's been some time since I've blogged. That's because I've been dealing with fallen tree damage. The insurance company is still fighting us on the 2nd claim we were forced to file. Ugh. Hopefully it will be resolved soon; it's been since October 9, 2011!

However, I've managed to get some things moved around enough to get back to work, or play - it's all the same in my world. My goal for the week has been to use up a ton of scrap wood I have had in the garage for some time. I got most of the wood for free or at a very low cost, like $20 total for all of the cabinet grade wood used on my desk. It was my first big build ever (photos and info will be posted later given it's not completely painted yet) and I am super proud of myself for doing it all by myself! I admit I lucked out given all the pieces were already cut to the same size as they were a cabinet manufacturer's 'waste'.

Today I started another project. It still needs to be primed, painted and get some more fabric added to it but Jada's dog bed is nearly done. Yay me! The green padded cushion lifts off for storage underneathe it. I haven't decided if I want to put a wood faceplate on the front of it or create a dust ruffle like curtain to make it more feminine looking. I also plan to prime and paint it so it won't be bare wood.

What do you think of it so far?