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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Santa Ornament - recycled pull tab tin top from a peanut can

My second paper clay ornament is done. Yeah, I know it's not the right time of year to make Christmas things, but it just turned out that way.

As you can see in the photo, I turned down the corner of the peanut can lid.
The gray blob is the peanut tin top covered, except of the tab, with air dry clay.

Then I started to sculpt... something. I molded a face from a store bought mold, and tweaked it just a bit with a toothpick. Then, I grabbed a pair of hands I had cast in plaster months ago and popped them on the blob of gray clay. I didn't know he'd be a santa until I put the collar on his coat, and cuffs on his sleeves in order to cover the wrists.

Suddenly, he started to appear. After some more sculpting, he dried over night and I painted him today. He needs a few clear coats of acrylic to seal him properly for years of enjoyment.

Now, unto the next thing...

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