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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gifting ...

Lowela insisted she get a photo of me with the Garden Fairy before she left my guardianship. Knowing how few photos I take, it's probably the only one I have of her.  
As the time approaches for me to move into a new home, after 10 yrs. in the same space,
I am gifting some of my Secret Keepers to my friends. This little Garden Fairy is the smallest of my Secret Keepers - approximately 6" tall. This one is made of recycled faux flowers, seed beads, ribbons and other things from 'other people's junk' piles.
Secret keepers have hidden, recycled, storage jars built within the doll.
This doll has a 1 oz. jam jar under her skirt.
It's just big enough for a ring, camera card or some tightly folded mad money.
This insistent fairy kept telling me she had to live with my new friend Lowela.
Luey, as we call her, was super happy to receive the fairy ... yay!
I love giving gifts for absolutely no reason!
It's so much fun!!!
It's even more fun when the recipient truly appreciates the gift and will be a fine guardian to one of my 'babies.' 
Although the act of downsizing is not my favorite thing to do, I'm making progress.
I'm excited about what new things will come into my life as I release things from the past.
I'm keeping my mind and heart open to what is meant to be, and trying to learn to accept life as it is... whatever it is. 
The deepest part of me hopes that my new life will include advancing my art.
Advancing could mean opening a business and selling my art, sharing my skills and love of repurposing with others, or allowing more opportunities to gift as I meet more friends.
During this life transformation of mine, I'm making a personal transformation, too.
I don't know exactly what is happening but I'm opening up more to people, the universe and learning to be more accepting of other - wherever they are in life - I'm kinder, and more loving to those I pass in every day life. Yes, I'm learning to be more loving to myself as well. I'm making the most amazing friends from the most unlikely of places. Each of them has their own experiences, and circumstances, to make them unique.
I'm blessed.