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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Recycled packing foam to make wall art


styrofoam that comes in hundreds of kitchen and electronic items (among other items!) we all purchase throughout the year.
Any shape and size of styrofoam can be used. Use toothpicks, popsicle sticks and other scrap wood (if it came from food make sure to clean it off before using it) to attach chunks of foam together. Then cut the shape (or shapes) needed to create what you have in mind.
I love sunshine, so that was my choice.
In this case, I cut out two 1/2" think rounds from the foam. I also cut 5 triangle-ish shapes for the rays. I covered the round with several layers of concrete patch (refer to my previous blog Shoe Planter for tips on applying patch) and letting each layer dry overnight. I also covered the triangles with patch, letting each dry.
Meanwhile, I used polymer clay to create, and bake, the hearts, using a cookie cutter to get equal sized hearts.
Once all the main pieces were dry, I dry fit the triangles and hearts to determine placement and spacing. Using craft glue and toothpicks, I attached the triangles to the base. Another coat of concrete patch was applied to cover the seams. Again, allowing it to dry completely.
The hearts were glued on and marble eyes were embedded into the foam. Lips, nose and eyelids were shaped with clay, foam and spackling compound, respectively.
Finally, the piece was painted and sealed (multiple times) with a clear polyacrylic.
Give this project a whirl! Use your imagination and see what you come up with!
Tips: Intended for sheltered exterior or interior spaces. It's a good idea to wear latex/other gloves while working with concrete patch.

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  1. Terrific use for packaging foam! It's always amazing what something can be used for when people think outside of the box!